Progress Report: The Tree of Knowledge

Made some progress thanks to a Lenten resolution. See a rocky-beach screen capture.

Out of all my projects the one I’m most intent on completing right now is The Tree of Knowledge. I’m truly making an effort to finish it this year, by August if possible. That month marks the 10-year anniversary of Knytt Stories, the foundation upon which TToK rests. Though it may have been an odd resolution, I made working on it every day part of my Lenten practice. Now that Easter has arrived, I figured I’d let the world know that this project is not dead. It is very much alive.

pixel-art rocky-beach game-graphics

I’ve been restricting myself from posting too much about this project. Chiefly, I don’t want the people who have been following since the beginning to be familiar with every location before I publish the finished product. Another reason is I’ve been working (and mostly not working) on this for a shamefully long period of time. I seriously don’t want to create any hype until it’s nearly complete.