Island of Mimir

Explore an island made from digitally painted tiles

Way back in 2009 when Knytt Stories was relatively new, a digital painter going by Sinix started making one of the most beautiful levels of all time. Unfortunately he didn’t get very far. What he had made he released to the public so we could see the potentially wonderful experience that would never be.

Right at the end of 2020, I decided to change that. I picked up from where Sinix left off and expanded the demo into a full island. It is still a small level. The painterly, chaotic graphics were a challenge to work with and reproduce. If it gone on for too long I would have needed to create new landscapes. As it is I added Mayan inspired statues and a night version of the island.

I reached out to Sinix for permission to release this level. He not only gave his consent, he made new artwork for the level. He also had some good ideas, one of those being to add hidden places. This was a request I was happy to take. The secret places give players more challenges to beat, more places to explore, and more reason to spend time with this jewel of a level we’ve created.

Download Island of Mimir 15.7 MB

Requires Knytt Stories to play.