Knytt Stories +

Knytt Stories Plus (KS+) by Tim McDowell is a mod for Knytt Stories (KS) by Nicklas Nygren. KS is a very solid platformer which comes with a simple level editor and a library of graphics and enemies. It’s fun to play and easy to make your own content for. And, the best part is it’s FREE! KS+ improves the formula without compromising the beauty of the original.

Features for gamers:

  • Scaling. You can double and triple the window size as an alternative to the resolution changing Fullscreen mode.
  • Key mapping. You can change the controls to fit your needs.
  • Level searching. Once you build a large library of levels, you can easily find the level you want to play with a search. Additional filters based on your activity help as well.
  • In-game map. You don’t have to memorize the level map anymore.
  • New game features. Levels can have a wide array of new objects and behind the scenes logic. So, level designers can keep gameplay fresh and original.
  • Backwards compatibility. Faithfully plays original KS levels.
  • And much more.

Features for designers:

  • Override graphics. You can replace most of the games graphics with your own. This includes the player character, the power-ups, and most of the enemies and friendlies.
  • Collectible objects. There are several kinds of collectibles each with different ways of interacting with the player.
  • Triggers. Spawn or destroy objects on the screen.
  • Advanced signs. Messages can contain multiple frames and perform actions on specific frames.
  • New platforming objects. Objects like jump-through platforms and crumbling platforms have been added to increase the level designing possibilities.
  • Overlays. Place tiles in the fore ground.
  • And much more.

Download Knytt Stories + 1.3.2 4.4 MB; Last update 20Jan2018

Important! You must have the original KS —get it here— and you must merge the Knytt Stories folder in the download with the original. Please follow all the terms of use of the original KS.

Download Level Editor + 1.3.2 1.3 MB; Last update 26Dec2017

Levels to demonstrate features
Download Features Demonstration 1.1.7 6.7 MB; Explains most of the new features.
Download Customnibus 0.6.0 0.35 MB; Demonstrates customized powers and items.
Download ShipParts 0.6.9 0.37 MB; A simulation of Knytt in KS+
Download This Level Plays Itself 1.1 by Ultigonio 7.24 MB; Automates player character movement.
Download Test Card by Firecat 0.15 MB; Displays the advanced features of the screen tint.

This collection of sprite sheets is intended as a guide for Override Custom Object makers. Custom enemies will retain the collision zones of the original enemies. Use of these graphics and derivative works are forbidden outside of Knytt Stories levels. 180 KB