Knytt Stories +

This repository is aimed at people who are new to Knytt Stories and Knytt Stories Plus. Here you will find all the files you need to play and make Knytt Stories levels as well as a collection of recommended levels.

What is Knytt Stories?

I can’t imagine that you made it here without having a good idea, but I’ll tell you anyway. Knytt Stories (KS) is a free platformer game from 2007. You avoid dangers and collect items to increase mobility. What’s really special about this game is that it’s not just a single game. Nicklas Nigren (Nifflas) designed KS so that anyone can make their own game which can be played through the program. He was hugely successful in this. At one time KS had a vast world-wide community making games. It was even used in college classrooms to teach basic game design. Today there are thousands of titles to play and more than a few of them are actually really good!

Download the original Knytt Stories 37 MB; version 1.2.1; Windows only

Then What is Knytt Stories Plus?

Knytt Stories Plus (KS+) is a mod of the original Knytt Stories (KS). As KS began to age, the people using it to create games wanted more from it. There were functionalities that seemed to be missing, like they should be there but they weren’t. There were features too that seemed like the next logical steps if the game were to evolve. So, Tim McDowell (egomassive), that’s me by the way, took up the task of growing KS into a stronger version of itself. The design philosophy was to make everything look and feel as if Nifflas had made it himself and keep design features as user-friendly as possible. Tim also gave the editor a major overhaul to make game designing easier and more enjoyable than before.

Download Knytt Stories Plus 9.5 MB; Version 1.3.8; *Requires original KS*; Last update 21Dec2021

Download Level Editor Plus 1.6 MB; Version 1.3.9; Last update 28Jan2022

Download Source 3.2 MB; *Multimedia Fusion 2 required to edit*; Last update 21Dec2021

What are Levels, and Where Do You Get Them?

A level is one of the many games that work on the Knytt Stories (KS) platform. They come in .knytt.bin packages and you install them into KS to play them. KS comes with a Tutorial level and The Machine, but that is only the beginning.

One of the best places to find levels is This is the official archive for KS levels. Although it is huge and has many good levels, it also has many many terrible levels and currently no way to tell the good from the bad. Another place to look is the Nifflas Support Forum. Though the existence of this repository is temporary, it is currently a good place to look for levels. The postings are usually accompanied by descriptions, preview images, and community remarks. For my own recommendations you can stay right here.

How Do You Make Levels?

Knytt Stories (KS) comes with a Level Editor program and a library of graphics, music, sound effects, and pre-programmed objects. I highly recommend getting the Level Editor Plus program. It is easier to use than the original and can make original and plus levels. There’s far too much involved in level making for me to explain it all here, but the Nifflas Support Forum is a terrific place to search for answers to any questions you’ll have. Be sure to check out the PDF Manual for KS Level Editor by SiamJai. It’s based on the original editor, but the lessons are applicable to both editors. Also, check out these example levels and other resources: